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It has created a deeper gap in parent-child relationship. Research tells us that the healthy parent-child relationship plays a major role in producing good citizens. In a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, researchers found that high use of mobile phones were associated with stress and sleep disorders in women. It was also associated with sleep disturbances and depression in men.

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This evidence only proves that the use of mobile phones is related to mental health and stress issues. Placing mobile phone under the pillow or on the bed at night is very common, especially, among teenagers.

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They are addicted to reply to the messages or notifications instantly regardless of the time of the day, essential or trivial. Using the phone late night causes distraction on their thoughts and sleep. Their mind is not relaxed, and it increases stress level. Of course, you might call me outdated when I say so. But I prefer to be labelled than to stop saying the truth. Let me repeat again, this is a dangerous aspect of mobile phones. Whether radiation is causing harm or not is still debated.

But today we find people engaging with their mobiles with heads bowed down. There are people who injure their necks and back and wrists and eyes and ears because of long use of mobile phones.

How can I fail to point out the great number of accidents caused by people using mobile phones while driving. Finally, what about the market influence of mobiles? Why is there such flashy media hype about new mobiles arriving at the market?

It is amazing to see how people get so choosy and obsessed with gadgets. Mobiles beyond their functionality and variety of uses often becomes a style statement. Let me once again note the four words related to the negative influences of mobiles: Distraction, Demolition, Destruction and Display.

Boon or bane the usage of mobile phone for students?

None of us today can afford to avoid mobile phones. But certainly we can ensure that mobile phones are our servants and not our masters. We can fix boundaries for the time we spend with mobile phones; boundaries that should not be stretched or crossed. We can then live with dignity with the assurance that mobile phones serve our cause and that they will not dictate us to a life of bondage and slavery and unending boredom with so called entertainment.

A Speech on the Importance of English. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Hi Friends, Mobile phones have changed the way people communicate. People are also going crazy because these have cameras which can do a selfie. There are many cases that people died just because of taking one selfie while driving. This is very harmful. Hope it helps!!

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