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Tips to Fix iOS 12/11/10 Ringtone Not Working on iPhone

An hour or so later, the "download purchased tones" option reappears, and still does nothing. This is an unbelievable fail. Steve would have fired people for this. The best thing I can say about iOS 11 thus far is that it's not as much of a regression from its predecessor as previous major releases have been, starting with iOS 7. I would kill to get iOS 6 back.

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Sep 24, 4: Sep 24, 8: And the "genius" at the bar first told my wife to reset all settings didn't work , and then to reset and restore her iPhone from our backup, which then required her to do the same on her Apple watch, and it still didn't work. On top of that, the ringtones were no longer on her phone, couldn't be downloaded as Ritchiescritch suggested or by syncing with iTunes, and could only be restored from our Time Machne backup on our Time Capsule - complete waste of 3 hours!

How to Fix iPhone Ringtones Not Working after iOS 12/11 Update

The "genius" at the bar also went to the back of the store to check his problem DB to see if others had seen this issue - he claimed not. That is patently not the case as google searches and this forum clearly demonstrate! He suggested I submit the issue to apple. The lack of regression testing of OS11 on basic features for which customers have paid to utilize is extremely disappointing. If there is an Apple support resource monitoring this forum, I'd be very interested in your perspective on the issue, the lack of transparency, and how Apple intends to resolve it and educate your "geniuses" to deliver more analytical value than "erase everything and start over" - this is NOT the user experience that Steve would find satisfactory.

Sep 27, Sep 24, 1: Sep 27, 1: How about you beta test these updates on every single one of your employees for 6 months before you release it to the general public. Because apparently there are MANY people having the same exact issue Sep 26, 6: Sep 25, 1: This is definitely an Apple problem, not an individual phone problem.

iOS 7 Ringtone Opening Default

Superb media management software that gives you room to make any song of your choice a custom ringtone iPhone. Flexible and easy to use, all you just need do is to select the song to begin. Select your desired song from Local Music option for songs in your computer or Device Music option for songs in your iPhone. Step 4. Once it starts to play, set the start and stop time you want as the song plays.

You can set the ringtone length up to 40 seconds. Step 5. Click Ringtone Audition for a preview of your ringtone before you save. Step 6. Choose "Save to Device" to transfer created ringtones to your iPhone. Of course, you can choose "Save to PC" if you want to store ringtones on your comupter. Was this post helpful?

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  7. We also have a fan-made iPhone 8 ringtone for our readers, it sounds pretty amazing. Although this one is not official as the phone is about to announce. But yup, it sounds really great. Under this, we also have iPhone X ringtones. I bet you will surely like this tune. Apple iPhone 8 Ringtone: Download here.

    Apple iPhone X Official Ringtone Download Here. You will love to use this lovely and beautiful composition. You can download and listen to this by clicking below:. These Apple ringtones are in mp3 format so you can use it on any iPhone or Android devices as well. Apple Ringtone: Amazing Flute Ringtone for iPhone [ Download ] 2. Apple iPhone 4s Ringtone Mp3 [ Download ] 4. You can also share your favorite songs and music in comment sections and we will try to make a ringtone for you.

    Download Apple iPhone 8 Opening (Default) Ringtone - Apple iPhone 8 Ringtones - Ringtones Point

    Marimba ringtone remix for iPhone [ Download ] First of all, you have to open up iTunes on a computer in order to proceed further. Step 2: Select any song which you want to as your caller ringtone. You can skip any song up to 30 seconds as the caller ringtone time limit is only 30 seconds. Step 3: