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He was upset that so many in his orbit seemed to have spoken with the veteran Washington Post investigative journalist, and had begun peppering staffers with questions about who Woodward's sources were. Trump already felt that he had a dwindling circle of people whom he could trust, a senior administration official said.

According to one Trump friend, he fretted after Wednesday's op-ed that he could trust only his children. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also denounced the opinion column in a ferociously worded statement that channelled her boss's rage and echoed some of his favourite attacks on the media. Her statement began by invoking Trump's election victory and noting: This coward should do the right thing and resign.

There were immediate calls from Trump critics for the author to step forward and share more information with the public, including perhaps testifying before Congress, about Trump's fitness for office. Both inside the White House and in Trump's broader orbit, aides and confidants scrambled to identify the anonymous official, windmilling in all directions; within just hours of publication, they privately offered up roughly a dozen different theories and suggested traitors. One aide, for example, suggested a staffer seeking glory and secretly hoping to get caught, while another mused that the official was likely a low-level staffer in a peripheral agency.

Others wondered aloud just what constituted a "senior official in the Trump administration". A spokeswoman for the Times said she was unable to provide any additional clarity on how the newspaper defines a senior administration official.

Times editorial page editor James Bennet declined to provide further information about the writer's position or identity, but said the newspaper received the article before news about Woodward's book broke on Tuesday. He said the newspaper "would not have been able to publish" the article if it had not granted anonymity to its author. The question is, do we think the piece was important enough to make an exception?

We feel strongly that it was. The outing of the op-ed's author is virtually inevitable, according to forensic linguists, who work in both academia and private industry, figuring out the authors of anonymous texts in lawsuits, plagiarism cases and historical puzzles. But although many people immediately launched into amateur forensic investigations after publication of the Times piece, Leonard cautioned that "a problem with public people is that a lot of their published work is edited, so it's like mixing fingerprints or DNA.

You don't always know who the real author is. Brinkley said the most analogous example of disloyalty and advisers disregarding the president's wishes was in Richard Nixon's final year as president. He explained that Nixon would "bark crazy orders" to aides that they intentionally disregarded. US President Donald Trump 'livid' at staffer's claims of a 'resistance' against him. President Donald Trump erupted with a "volcanic" anger, "absolutely livid" over what he considered to be a treasonous act of disloyalty after a senior staffer wrote to the New York Times.

President Donald Trump responds to a reporter's question during an event with sheriffs in the East Room of the White House in Washington soon after the op-ed was published. The White House chief of staff John Kelly repeatedly told aides President Trump was an idiot and they were all living in "Crazytown", according to a new book by veteran reporter Bob Woodward.

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US President Donald Trump 'livid' at staffer's claims of a 'resistance' against him

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