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Unlike a traditional wireline phone, a wireless handset may be removed from the home and residents may not have a way to make calls during an emergency. Also wireless service may experience interruptions due to weather conditions, terrain or gaps in service coverage. Visit assurancewireless. What is Assurance Wireless Lifeline service? Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program that includes: How do I use the Assurance Wireless Lifeline service? Assurance Wireless provides service on the Nationwide Sprint Network, which reaches more than million people.

Follow Assurance news on Facebook www. Offer limited to eligible customers varies by state residing in selected geographic areas and is non-transferrable. Assurance Wireless is subject to the Terms of Service includes plan details found on https: Assurance Wireless Jack Pflanz, Jack. Pflanz Sprint. Newsroom News Releases. You must be logged in to view this item. This area is reserved for members of the news media. I like Tag Mobile better because you can work with technical support through a Chat session.

They are cheap smartphones, and I recommend upgrading to a better unlocked GSM phone. When you get your new phone, install the SIM and it will work immediately without calling tech support. If you would like to go keep your Assurance phone number it is more complicated. First you have to get your Account number from Assurance. They transfer you from person to person and try to talk you out of leaving Assurance. There are two options: Then log onto Google Voice and forward all your calls to your new phone number. Google even has an app where when you initiate a call from you smart phone, it has your Google Voice number.

Have Tag Mobile or Life Wireless transfer your Assurance phone number for you while it is still active. Then you will be sent a new SIM with your Assurance phone number on it. There is one more option that I chose and it's free. Sign up for a free Google Voice number. Then transfer your new number to your new phone. You don't have to contact Assurance Wireless, and your Google number will stay with you if you decide to transfer to another carrier later.

Assurance will now give you a smartphone, as will Safelink. It is usually a refurbished ZTE N old dual core cheap super slow phone. DON'T do qlink, they suck. Safelink is the only provider I'm aware of that will let you bring your own phone on the Lifeline Telephone Assistance Program Obama phone.

I have the Sm-gt t mobile which was already unlocked. NEXT, be prepared to spend several hours on the phone, and numerous calls to tech support of varying levels of skill and accents. If you are lucky, like I was, you can have a really nice phone on the program. If you have any questions I am a Sr. I can be reached there under equitube. Sep 07, Hydro Reach by: Not the glass Also it locks on the front logo. There is no way to pull the battery out. Not the best. Not the worst. Just have to be very very careful.

Aug 19, Assurance Phones by: Michael At one time, Assurance gave the best deal in phone plans and phones. Not anymore. There are many competitors which are superior. It is important to not only get a good plan and a good phone but to have it work on a good network. I am using Tag Mobile which uses the T-Mobile network. Read the recommendations from the Prepaid Wireless Guy using a link below.

How To Use A Smartphone On Assurance Wireless

Aug 13, "Smart Phone by: Debra Radish I m interested in a smart phone through Assurance Wireless? Is that possible? I contacted Assurance 6 months ago. The man said he would send me a smart phone, however never received one?? Aug 12, smart phone on assurance wireless by: Anonymous so where are the instructions on how to do the switch. Aug 09, Reprograming by: Anonymous So.. How are the settings changed? Jun 27, Wow! PrepaidWirelessGuy Thank you for the update. Co-opting your phone like that when it's not even the month of expiration is unbelievable.

Do they let you answer a few questions, then they complete the call for you, or you simply can't dial out at all? Even playing a reminder message before each call a month before wouldn't be that terrible, but completely taking over your calls this early is really inappropriate. PrepaidWirelessGuy by: Anonymous You do a great service keeping us up-to-date on what's going on, anyway! No apologies needed. I can't afford the fancy phones, even if they were all made available through Assurance! Jun 27, Way Behind by: Anonymous I have some catching up to do on reading these comments.

I just wanted to let you know my experience with re-certifying! I asked them what was going on. They said they put a block on my contacts to remind me I have to re-certify! This is BS! I've been getting reminders for months now through texts on my phone. Then I had to hang up twice 'cause I couldn't understand a word those middle easterners was saying! I finally said "YES" to everything this woman asked me even though I couldn't understand her after asking her to please repeat.

Then we have Trumpty Dumpty lying through his teeth every time he opens his mouth! You can take that to the bank! Quite honestly, I'm very shocked. Sure, they're trying to go upstream, and being exclusive gets them space in Apple stores, however, relying on Apple fanboys seems kind of weak. It no doubt simplifies the business, however, I see more and more people who used to be dedicated Apple fans moving to Android products after frustrations over phone issues, and overall lack of value compared to non-Apple phones.

Anyway, it's certainly a bold strategy, and will be VERY interesting to see how this evolves. I apologize for the mis-information the other day as I had missed this official announcement by a couple of days! It will be interesting to see if Assurance will allow these Virgin iPhones to be activated on their service.

I'm thinking the initial answer will be no, but you never know what the future holds! Jun 23, Future of Assurance by: In addition, Virgin has hinted that they will have some kind of unique iPhone offering, likely involving selling "previously enjoyed" phones. They have not said anything about Virgin become a iPhone only offering. It wouldn't make sense for them to cut out the highly successful, higher penetrated, and more affordable Android phones from their business. Unfortunately, you can't get any solid answers, as no one knows anything concrete, and their customer care agents certainly won't be the first to know.

Jun 21, Question for KJB by: Anonymous From the short list I was given by Assurance of phones I could purchase to use, it is apparent they don't intend to send out SIM cards, and will only allow prepaid phones that already have SIMs installed. But now Virgin is becoming an iPhone only company. Any idea where that leaves Assurance customers? Nobody at Assurance customer service knows the answer to this.

Most don't even know about the chance at Virgin yet, and are still giving out info on buying designated Android phones from Virgin. May 27, phones assurance allows and how to get a human on the line by: There is nothing on their list that I would buy. May 27, question about doing this by: Anonymous Assurance gave me a list of 5 phones I can buy-including the worthless ZTE Quest that they have sent me two already.

If I use the identifiers off an LG that is not approved, but tell then it is a Kyocera Event which is approved , they would actually activate the LG without knowing it wasn't a Kyocera Event? May 22, Smartphone from Life Wireless by: Michael Life Wireless offers a variety of Chinese smartphones with small screens without a chance to select which one you get. I got a larger screen and better Chinese smartphone by Ojji from Tag Wireless.

I like Tag Wireless because you can get to a rep quickly using Chat. With Life Wireless I often ran out of data before the end of the month.

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May 22, Android Smartphone through Life Wireless by: May 20, What Assurance Smart Phone works? Anonymous So I'm confused. What smart phone is available for Assurance Wireless. Anyone know the answer? Just want a smart phone so I don't have to text one letter at a time. May 17, California Lifeline Administer continued by: Michael Regarding the message below, after calling the phone number , you get into an endless loop of menus. The way to get a person who can help you, type: May 16, California Lifeline Administrator by: Michael To resolve this problem or to ask a specific question about California lifeline, I recommend you call the California Lifeline Administrator at Go through the menu until you get a person.

I have found them helpful in the past. May 16, Hmm PrepaidWirelessGuy Yeah, I'm not sure how exactly that works, however, I would think that the 60 days only applies to when you first join, and not also 60 days following the anniversary of joining. That would be quite odd if it worked that way in my opinion. Your problem probably just related to having two Lifeline services simultaneously; you should have canceled your Assurance account after activating your SafeLink account. May 15, Thanks I Will by: Carrie I agree. Hey I was finally able to login to Safelink.

My account didn't tell me all that much other than saying Unqualified. I had just completed my re-certification for Lifeline and my Assurance Wireless account kept showing my service expiration date as that date so I figured hey good time to switch over. I know I read somewhere something about having to at least have had the other service for 60 days before you can switch, but maybe that clock starts over each year, therefore, since I just re-certified it hasn't yet been 60 days, even if I have been with Assurance going on my second year.

May 15, You Can't Do That by: PrepaidWirelessGuy I think you hit on the problem yourself; you can't have two free phones through Lifeline. It's actually good to see that they were able to automatically figure it out, and shut off one line of service. As you can imagine, fraud has been a huge problem, especially enforcing the one phone line rule.

What you should have done was to call SafeLink when you received the new phone and SIM, and asked them to transfer your existing Assurance phone number to SafeLink. That porting process would have automatically canceled your Assurance account, and left you with the same number on your new account. In terms of getting your new account re-activated, I don't know that you can. Unfortunately, you're best bet is to contact them and request that they re-activate your account, and port your Assurance number over. You can try re-applying though and see what happens, as that may be easier than getting through to the right person.

That said, if it were me, I would want to talk to someone over there to verify what the path of least resistance would be. Let me know what they say! May 14, Unsure What To Do by: Carrie not the movie lol Ok, so I have the California Lifeline dealio, and just re-certified and was approved for another year. I have been with Assurance since I signed up. I started with a Jax phone and then read somewhere about people getting smartphones. The buttons on the Jax were starting to hurt my left thumb, and not only that but those buttons are so damn loud and in some conditions feels like the whole room and or neighborhood or office can hear it.

So I call Assurance after reading on their site how to ask for one and it was no problemo. Fast forward about a month or so ago, one or my broke female friends mentioned Safelink. I was curious to know what that was so I looked Safelink and went to their website to discover that they work with T-Mobile phones. I have had one for years now as a pay as you go phone.

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I decided to apply, and they sent me a SIM card and it worked. It worked for about 3 weeks and then suddenly one night they deactivated me. I dont know if it was because I still have the Assurance Wireless phone and service. But as someone mentioned here, try to call Safelink, and it's an automated canned cycled system, and just keeps hanging up on me.

Apr 25, Porting Options by: PrepaidWirelessGuy If you can successfully order a new Lifeline service while maintaining your existing one until you activate the new phone, that's perfect. As noted, the porting process will automatically cancel your old account, so the two won't be active simultaneously. If that doesn't work, you can consider using Google Voice. This, however, would result in you being without a phone while you apply and receive the new one.

Anonymous by: I have gone blind in one eye, so, I could never use the internet over any cell phone. I have just enough in the bank to supplement my utilities, taxes, insurances, etc. I'd love to be able to do the things that others can do, like festivals, fairs, zoo, outdoor concerts, etc. I live in a well-known city with a well-known huge University with a big name football team, etc. There is no help for the elderly here except some Churches who are all booked up.

The city does NOT help, whatsoever. The University will post things, but the students never respond! Apr 24, There's Other Options by: Vil7 So, soon it's my mother-in-law's birthday and I'm getting her an iPhone 5s. Just to make sure that it'll work with Assurance, I called in today and spoke with a rep about activating it I tried to do it online, but it said that if it's an iPhone, you have to call in, so I did.

The Rep told me that there's no way that it'll be possible to activate, that she tried many times already and it didn't work. Anyways, Assurance runs on the Sprint network, and my mother-in-law regularly visits the hospital, where there's no reception at all, except for Verizon. I was planning on switching her for a long time, just because of the coverage issue alone. The other thing about Assurance is that if you're not a new customer, then you'll only be getting min without any data, which defeats the whole purpose of getting a smartphone.

So after looking at some available options, I decided to go with Safelink instead. Hence, here's my short tutorial on how to port your number to a Safelink. Now, there's no option on the website to port in your number, which makes sense, as they need first to make sure that you're qualified to receive a free phone service.

After you're qualified which is instant if you already have any type of Lifeline , they'll ship out a phone or SIM to you with a new number. Now, Safelink is owned by Tracfone, and Tracfone runs on 4 major networks: Depending on your phone and coverage, you can choose the network that best suits you. In my instance, I needed cdma-v SIM, but on the website they only offered me gsm-a and gsm-t.

After I'll receive both SIMs, all is left to do is to call in, and transfer the number from Assurance to a new cdma-v sim. Few things need to be mentioned. Your phone has to support the network for the SIM card that you're getting. If you're transferring your number, you'll be needing your account and PIN from your old service provider. If you already have a Lifeline, after you port you number from it, it will automatically close, so no worries about having two Lifelines.

Apr 24, Can't Transfer by: So SafeLink offers several smart phones, with some very inexpensive, however, their phone system is a closed loop circle. I wanted to get that service and transfer my number. You can't even ask that over there, no email and like I said, voice prompts are a closed circle and do not let you speak to anyone LIVE to ask how to do it. And then of course you LOSE your phone number. Mar 28, Serial Number by: PrepaidWirelessGuy Both are valid serial numbers. Typically, however, the DEC is the more commonly used one.

Mar 28, Product Serial Number by: Rusty Miller RE: Kyocera Kona S Back of battery case has two serial numbers, both 18 digits long. One is DEC: The other is HEX: A00 A02 47 Which one is the serial number of my phone. I am switching to a basic Smart Phone next month. Anonymous Here's an idea. Use your brain you heartless pig who doesn't have a brain or heart to use! These people are low income and poor, and old, and disabled and have the right to complain about the phones they get and deserve a better phone to enjoy the service better.

Users of this service should not be given crap phones. They're somebody, not a brainless nobody know it all like you! The fact is everyone on this service has a right to complain about the crap phones we're given and we're somebody not a nobody like you who think there are jobs out there for everyone! Are you crazy? There are no jobs out there. Mar 20, STFU by: Anonymous To everyone complaining on here, here's an idea It's free. Deal with it or do something about it! Anonymous I assume that you are on the Federal Lifeline Programs for wireless service.

I am on the program, but when I call their customer service I get connected to those in the Philippines or in Central America and they are very polite.

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Yes never trust those from India. Call Assurance again and tell them that you still have that old payLo phone and want to upgrade to a smartphone. Mar 18, Assurance User by: Anonymous So basically AW is offering a new plan that includes a smartphone and data. Apparently old customers aren't entitled to an upgrade? I called them but got some really sketchy Indian guys on the phone. I just hung up on them because there was no way I trusted them enough to give out my information on the phone.

Assurance Wireless gave this candy phone. I barely use it, and take it with me to check the time because it is very small. But I also have a Verizon prepaid account in case. Last year while I was at a store this guy showed me his smartphone that Assurance Wireless is saying it is giving out to new customers, but the man said it is not true.

When I called, at first Assurance was giving me the run around, but I was adamant, and they said since I have a good standing as a customer they will send me a smartphone. So be adamant. Tell them that you have been a loyal customer. Anonymous I currently use Safelink, but their Verizon tower is too far away, and I have to play "Can you hear me now" in order to use it as a home phone. I'm in the middle if signing with Assurance at this moment, as the reception is better than twice as good, but now I see this site, and I had planned on using myS I couldn't even figure out how to get on the net with Safelink's flip, but once I changed it to one of my old Samsung smart phones, it's great.

Well, except for the reception. Not allowing smart phones is not a smart move, Assurance. Anonymous I am going to try what Kristan didconversion through Access Wireless. Mar 01, Unimax on Assurance Wireless by: Anonymous I was just told that the only "smart phone" available to use with Assurance Wireless service is a Unimax phone. When I looked up the reviews on it, I decided it would be better to just go with the old flip phone that they offer instead. Every review stated that the Unimax is absolutely worthless for any function calls included!!!

What's the point of putting us through the hassle of switching phones, etc. Does it really make sense to give us this free service but then only supply us with a device that isn't usable? That is the equivalent of handing food stamps to those who are eligible, but then only allowing the benefit to be used to purchase food that isn't edible!!! It makes no sense. Mar 01, Assurance Wireless Compatible Phone by: Anonymous Thanks for answering my donor question.

I go to enter the serial number by dialing MEID , and it says it's not compatible. I am very mad. Can someone pleasexplain to me? Feb 27, Donor Instructions by: PrepaidWirelessGuy Great question! I had found a guy on Facebook who advertised that he did this, however, he no longer does.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a clear, easy way to accomplish this. That said, I wanted to respond to your question, however, I unfortunately don't have a solution for you; sorry! Hopefully someone will respond with a practical solution. If not, you may consider changing Lifeline providers to one that either offers a phone you want, or supports BYOD! Feb 27, Need Instructions by: Is there a source out there? Feb 23, Other Sections by: PrepaidWirelessGuy No worries. I suggest using one of the Prepaid Wireless Reviews sections.

Michael I realize that this is the wrong place to provide information on T-Mobile or another prepaid plan.

What is the right place? Feb 23, Interesting Info Mint SIM and T-Mobile, however, people learning about Assurance in this thread aren't likely interested in a monthly recurring charge regardless of any deals ;-. Feb 21, Smartphone use on Assurance Wireless by: Below is a transcript of my chat conversation: Hi, I am an Assurance Wireless customer. Will I be able to port my cellphone number over to i-wireless to use on a smartphone and remain an Assurance Lifeline customer?

Kristan, You can port over your number from Assurance, then you become an iwireless customer. You will need an iwireless account to port over the number. Okay, there was supposed to be a merger with Assurance and Access Wireless free Lifeline to allow users to use a smartphone through iWireless. Is that still in effect? Okay, I was unsure if the merger was completed. Sorry to sound redundant but I want to be sure before I invest in a smartphone.

Kristan, The merger between Assurance and Access Wireless is still pending. As long as you do not have a port freeze on your account we can enroll you into the Access program. If you could call we can enroll you over the phone. Okay, I will call shortly. Thank you for your help! You are welcome. I hope this helps those of you that are confused as to what is going with the merger.

I guess this is the option I will take to finally upgrade this "little black cellphone" Although this better coverage may be because I am using a better phone, the Moto 4G. A friend asked me for a carrier recommendation. However, when I read the fine print it said first month only.

In other words, a misleading and useless promotion. When the 4GB data limit is reached the data speed goes down to 2G which is still okay for most non-video applications and it is unlimited, i. How much data does a user need?

Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones

According to Verizon, the average user uses MB per month. Heavy users use between GB per month. My conclusion is that 2 GB of data is enough for most users and 4GB is more than enough. The current marketing trend toward unlimited data is not worth the money. There is another interesting option. It uses the T-Mobile Network. Its gimmick is that you have to pay 3, 6, or 12 months in advance. This is much cheaper than T-Mobile for the same service. What is the problem with this plan? If the company goes out of business mid-year, you lose the remaining money you paid in advance for that year.

However, if you own an unlocked GSM phone, you can just sign up with another company. Feb 15, Technology by: PrepaidWirelessGuy Are you looking for just the technology that Lifeline providers use? On my Lifeline Providers page I list the carriers. From there you should be able to decipher what technology they use. If you're asking because you want to know what compatible phone to purchase for providers that support BYOD, your best bet is to link over to their site which I also list , and use their BYOD tool. Many of these providers support multiple technologies.

How do we get a list of which uses what? However, there are absolutely no signs of any activity as of yet. The experience you described regarding talking to Assurance, Sprint, and Best Buy makes sense, and aligns with what I described below. Yes, from a technology perspective all Sprint phones are compatible with Assurance, Access, etc. However, they validate phones based on the brand. Even back in the day Nextel would block its phones from running on Boost; the Boost inventory was managed completely differently, even though the phones are identical expect for color.

When they activate a phone it checks a pre-loaded list of IDs to validate whether it's "allowed" to be activate. If it's on a blacklist reported lost or stolen , or absent from the list, it can't be activated. It would seem that all of the people you spoke to didn't understand this fact.

It's not a technology issue, but rather a business decision. I'm sure they'll open it up eventually as many other carriers have, however, they're obviously not there yet. On another note, I have notes from awhile back regarding Tag Mobile and its prepaid plans. They're definitely now a Lifeline only provider; that was news to me! Anonymous It seems like Assurance is ripping off its customers. Assurance Wireless is getting Federal Money.

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Plain and simple. They keep telling us to use the phone and make several phone calls. We should report this company to the FCC so they will stop their unscrupulous activity. This phone is about to die, the battery does not last even if it is idle. I cannot receive attachments in my messages. My advice is that we should report this company to the Federal Lifeline who is in charge of this program.

Let all of us who have Assurance report this company to the Federal Lifeline Service. I am going to report it. Jan 31, New Assurance Phones by: Anonymous So I called Assurance Wireless.

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  • I asked if the ZTE phones that work on Access since they are about to merge will work on Assurance currently. The representative told me of course. I then called Access Wireless and inquired about other options than the ZTE phones, and the representative at Access told me that any of the 3 ZTE phones will work, but you can also go to the Kroger i-wireless website and select any of those phones which include Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7.

    I was like the Galaxy and iPhone work on Access? He said yep. I was like, so Assurance runs on Sprint as well? He said yeah, so it should work with them as well. He gave me no update on the merger though. So then I called Sprint directly. The representative confirmed the information the Access representative told me. They advised that I go into a Sprint location, purchase a phone and return it if there is any issue, but there should be NO issue since Assurance is on the Sprint network.

    I go to the sprint store, tell them about everything. Immediately they were like "Assurance Wireless, eh