Iphone 5 black screen problem

When it is completed, your iPhone will reboot. This is the last resort to resolve iPhone black screen because all data and settings will be wiped after restoring in iTunes.

If your iPhone screen is black with connect to iTunes, iTunes will detect it in recovery mode and give you the option to restore it. Click Restore button to start the process. When it is finished, it will prompt and ask if you would like to restore from a backup, if you have previous backup in iTunes or iCloud. Another method of factory resetting iPhone is using Tenorshare ReiBoot. It is easier and faster and no iTunes needed. This method can restore iPhone to factory settings and fix the black screen. You should be aware that all data will be wiped out after factory resetting. Follow the on-screen instructions to download firmware package and restore iPhone to factory settings.

If none of the above mentioned methods works and your iPhone is still unresponsive with black screen, it could be a hardware fault. You may have to contact Apple for a replacement if it is still under warranty. If the black screen is caused by software glitches, Tenorshare ReiBoot the most recommended for a quick fix. If you got the problem fixed by using another method, just share on the comment.

How to Fix iPhone Black Screen of Death iPhone black screen is a common issue, and it could be a big panic if you are relying on your iPhone to for business. Force Restart Your iPhone Method 2. Dead Battery Method 3. Hardware Fault Method 1. Force Restart Your iPhone Restart your device is an all-purpose fix for any software problem. Your device will rebooted and check whether the black screen disappears. Method 2. I have had my 5S go black screen, soundless and motionless twice now.

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No visual, no audio, no vibrate. The first time this occurred, I charged it for 3 - 4 hours without any luck. As I fiddled with it I must have held down the power and home buttons simultaneously for long enough to RESTART it because the apple logo appeared and then the 'Enter Passcode' and numeric dial pad appeared. The interesting thing is that an additional message 'iPhone requires your password after restarting' was also present.

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This is not normally on the Enter Passcode dial pad screen. So the phone turned off. Mine was not a screen issue.

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  • 1. Best Way: Fix iPhone Black Screen without Data Loss?

It was a power issue so I suspect that I need a new battery Rany rany. Chain saw, it could be that a new display fixed the issue, without the person who asked the question coming back to mark the solution as accepted. If your iPhone was never opened before, I advise you to try a new known good display to see if it fixes the issue, like con says here above. Best would be if you could borrow one from another phone for your trial. You can use this guide to attempt the repair. I have the same problem. Can anyone confirm the above solution changing the display works?

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Thanks for the info, but my mobile internally works well and the phone calls,siri,touch everything works except the black screen. As I read on Google about u2 IC it states dead mobile simptom. So let me know what you think. Ill wait for your reply. Ravi, U2 IC is to be replaced only if the phone drains the battery extremely fast, or if once discharged will not restart any more.

iPhone Black Screen of Death? Here Is the Real Fix

Chain Saw. Just encountered the same problem on my iPhone 5 which is also out of warranty.

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The longer I leave it, the longer I get to work on it when its on again. Your post is from October so I was wondering you must have figured what's wrong by now. Care to share? Well I did changed my screen and it worked like a charm, at least was before I sold that stuff and bought new 5S. Replaced display was cool and not looking very promising. Well it appears some may have fixed this issue by replacing the screen.

My wife's iPhone 5s is having same issue. Wish me luck as I will be replacing the screen too. I will come back to tell you if it worked or not.

SOLVED: iPhone5 display randomly goes black. - iPhone 5 - iFixit

Sounds like the back light on the display has damaged due to water getting into it. A new screen should sort it out. Jenifer Zhuo. The screen is damaged. If you need a new one, you can but it through the online store.

iPhone5 display randomly goes black.

More replacements are on sale. Hey guys. Can you tell me what is the price of the screen? I feel like people here are charging more. So I just want to confirm. Goodkidstore collagudkid. Hello guys my problem is I have tried to change the screen but still turn black sometimes until I place power and volume down button help plz. Bleh bleh. My iPhone screen goes totally unresponsive after the phone goes into idle. I did a factory reset on it and I'm still having the same issue.

The phone has never dropped nor has it ever had any water damage.. I want to believe mine has more to do with the software or iOS because this literally only started happening after I updated the software.. I have the same thing, I'll go to fast forward a video and before I press it the screen goes black then back on again, I'll try using anything else and it'll do the same thing, however, it won't do it if my phone has no earphones or charger connected.

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iPhone 5 - Backlight with no image fixed (botched repair rescue - missing L42)

Chosen Solution. Hello I do belive this is a faulty display I fixed the same problem that was happening in a 5s. After a new screen the black screen disappeared. Was this answer helpful? Score 1. Replacing the screen fixed it for me too. Can anyone tell me how much changing the display cost. I simply switched off the adaptive brightness of my phone and the problem resolved. Most Helpful Answer.