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The game interface follows the same style and design of the desktop version of the game, offering excellent usability and navigability through the menus. FIFA 14 also introduces a new type of touch control , based on gestures, swiping and tapping.

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The idea is interesting, but it does requires a bit of practice to feel confident with the controls. To this end, the game includes an in-depth tutorial that explains how to use the new controls.

FIFA 15 Soccer Ultimate Team

If you're not interested in using the touch controls, you can control the game with the same methods using your mouse. If you prefer the old and classic virtual joypad , you can still select it from the options menu. During our test, we got a better feeling with this set of controls rather than with the new gesture-based ones. The 3D graphics are good, but not excellent. The engine is definitely less powerful than the one used in the classic version of FIFA Animations and movements of the players are a bit slow, but the gameplay doesn't suffer exceedingly.

Greater fluidity and speed in the pace of the action, however, would improve the title. The music on the menu is excellent, but it isn't new: The sound effects during the match are pretty average and not much different than the previous release. The presence of the commentary in English, Italian, Spanish, German and French , however, makes the game more exciting.

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The freemium approach lets you play a free alternative to a release of the famous football simulator, and with other modes offered as in-app purchases Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off , you'll be able to increase the depth of the game. Those available by default, however, still allow a fair amount of challenge, particularly the excellent Ultimate Team, and the online multiplayer mode. The tutorials are carefully thought out and available for any game mode. The new touch controls or via the mouse are a big gamble for EA, and have a significant impact on the gameplay.

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Personally, I still prefer the playing with a virtual joypad, which I still think is the best way to enjoy rewarding gameplay— but this is just a matter of taste. This release, as mentioned, is a mere porting of the version released on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. It doesn't add any more features, which would have been welcome considering the greater power of a PC or tablet with Windows 8.

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Despite some gaps in the sound effects, some animations, and an unconvincing pace that's sometimes slow, this release of FIFA 14 for touch devices is quite good and, best of all, is free. If you're a hardcore gamer, you'll want to go straight to the most advanced and complete desktop version of the EA simulator. No, i can't. I think i get that fifa Fifa It's not working.

Download FIFA 19 Apk Data+OBB+Mod: FIFA APK for Android

It's not working, I cannot play the games, it keeps showing the 'End user license agreement' what do I do? Do you recommend it? The game developed and published by Electronic Arts EA brings in a lot of improvements over its previous version which, undoubtedly improves the gameplay with better control and gives the users a rich treat of stunning visuals. The popularity of soccer cannot be questioned. In the same way, the fan-following of FIFA series of games is unquestionable and within a short span of time, it witnesses a multitude of downloads all over the globe.

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Before proceeding with the download make sure that your Android device falls under the following set of prerequisites. Finally, we have reached the most important part i.