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We select, you rate. Ratings are on a point scale, and they're based on feedback from verified Tablet guests. If a hotel's rating falls below 15, it's gone — so your post-stay review is actually our most important quality-control tool. On the outside, with its cheery pink brick facade, the SoHo Grand resembles a brand-new shopping complex. But inside is a different story. Cast iron dogs stand guard at industrial design central — square lights, molded concrete walls, a coffee table the size of a grand piano.

The floors are the same stuff you see on New York sidewalks — corrugated steel for the elevators, and cast iron and glass for the stairs. When it opened in , the Grand was the first big SoHo hotel, and its downtown location has continued to be a major factor in its identity. Take the concierges, who can get you a reservation at the hottest underground restaurant and fill you in on the hippest goings-on.

It's easy for that much hipness to be intimidating, but the Grand, despite its name, is warm and happy. With its cobblestone streets and cast-iron buildings, the historic district of SoHo is nothing if not distinctive. Once known for its affordable artists' lofts made from disused manufacturing spaces, it's now gone upscale, and is one of New York's retail centers, with everything from mainstream chain shops to one-off boutiques.

The location places you at what's more or less the center of lower Manhattan, with everything from Union Square to the Financial District within easy reach. And it's long been a hotbed for great boutique hotels as well, from the early days of the boutique-hotel movement right up to the present day. Downtown Wall St. Harlem tops off the Northern tip of the island. Someone else grabbed the room you were trying to book before we were able to confirm your reservation.

This was the last room available for your dates in this hotel. The good news is that the hotels below still have availability for your dates.

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The good news is that the room options below are still available at this hotel for your dates. Or you can choose one of the other hotels below. The hotel has increased the price for your stay. If the new price is acceptable, please select it below and try again. Otherwise, the other hotels below also have availability.

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Please adjust your dates, or select one of the nearby hotels with availability. Please adjust your dates. Our outstanding Customer Service team is always happy and prepared to help you find the right hotel at the right price. Your total of guests requires booking more than 1 room at this hotel - there is no single room that can accommodate guests. Join Us with. Newsletters Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and Offers.

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