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Browsing is relayed through the Tor anonymization network. Save unlimited website bookmarks. Please note that this will NOT enable video casting on websites that serve Flash videos in desktop mode. Set your personal homepage in the settings.

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But we are working hard to improve this app with every update. Please send your feedback to info video-tv-cast. This app is not affiliated with the Digital Living Network Alliance or any other trademark mentioned here. This app almost meets my expectations. However, if I attempt to pause or interrupt the playback in any way the movie will not continue to play and mirroring will drop. I then have to restart the movie and fast forward to wherever I left off.

I would definitely give this app the 5stars it almost earned if this problem is fixed. All in all using this app is still more convenient than using any cords and adapters and I can still use my phone for other tasks while watching movies. I hope an update will come out soon that corrects these issues.

So heres the deal, i have used this with my XB, and kissanime does not work with it. I i remember correctly, the app works via link relay vs standard sender-receiver streaming so as to increase stream quality, however I believe that this is where the issue lies. While i am not suggest you switch the entire OS of the app to conventional streaming, i think if you add a option to choose between the two it would prove beneficial to most problems like this.

My opinion. This app is really helpful, and it does work just like it says. The only thing though, sometimes the video playing will close unexpectedly and there are no controls if you want to fast forward or anything. If you could add this feature then this app would completely be five stars!! App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Please delete and re-install this app if it crashes after updating. We are very sorry for the inconveniences. We already prepared an update and are waiting for Apple to review and approve it. Please stay tuned.

Mirror your iPhone or iPad on a Sony TV screen - AirBeamTV

They mention issues like frequent black screens and sudden hardware failure. Apple TV vs. You know you want either an Apple TV or a Chromecast. The problem is, you're not sure which… Read More , or how to set up the Chromecast Ultra. Wired solutions are inelegant and problematic given the way the Lightning standard was designed, which is why Apple pushes wireless streaming. If you already have a Chromecast, or feel that you can live without true mirroring and make do with the app-by-app compatibility, this is a good option.

Here are four other awesome AirPlay receivers that are much cheaper.


Read More. We show you how to control remote other Mac computers, get help from friends, and more. Read More , if you need that too.

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Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. It shows up in Portrait mode,, so even if you rotate your camera to Landscape in your hand, it still shows up as Portrait,, and shows a rotated shot within Portrait. I think the new format screens with all the X model phones, have this inability to project to Landscape in the Camera App. Please note, however, that Contacts, email, messages will show up on your mirrored screen as Horizontal ie Landscape.

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Sure wish they could do the same for the Camera App.. Just thought I would enlighten those who may be wishing to broadcast Landscape through the Camera app. I recommend MiraScreen. You really don't need more than that. Not all Samsung probes have this feature i have a Samsung j it doesn't work for me does anyone Has a solution? As far as apple 6s is concerned it's Dope with the Apple TV. Screen mirroring and displaying media files are two different things!! In this instance, is it better to use a wired adapter therefore no wireless router required? I am able to cast Youtube and Netflix Videos but not my entire iPad.

I am able to cast with my Nexus phone, but it keeps my phone occupied: And it makes me angry. Mirroring is the only way I can watch Amazon prime videos with Chromecast and you can't mirror on an iPad. Amazon is also snarky because you can't Chromecast the prime video player app. Will be quitting that service when it is set to expire.

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Amazon wants you to buy their fire technology. I bought Chromecast for Netflix and I shouldn't have to buy different hardware for prime. Amazon misled me when I subscribed to prime, but it is my fault for not testing extensively during the trial period. NEVER believe what a app provider tells you until you test it yourself.

The big issue here is that everyone wants you to do it their way.

How to Setup Anycast Device to HDTV for Airplay on iPhones- Step by Step!

AirPlay, Chromecast, and whatever Amazon uses are all at odds with each other. This is what we mean when we talk about buying the ecosystem, not the device: Awesome ideas! Of course, with some much available to stream now, you don't have to use these much anymore. I have a Sony Bravia smart TV. I can tap into my computer wirelessly to display my pictures and videos. Or you can try MCplayer by Arkuda. Cant wait to get rid of it and get something that actually isn't about Apple's stock holders making money and more about the end user, ME the consumer.

Finally decided to get a new TV with mirroring and what a shock, this piece of crap call iphone doesn't do wireless screen mirroring unless I waste MORE money on another piece of crap apple product. I went from android to apple and was super excited, i love my ipad, but the phone is little better than a paperweight as far as I am concerned. Totally agree I can't wait to get another Android phone.

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I have just purchased a omnicast HDMI streeming dongle, all apears to work well except i cant get mirroring from my iphone 4 onto my TV i have gone through all the setting information without any trouble until i try to switch on mirroring from my phone to the TV when i get to the part in setting to turn on mirroring there is no on switch available only a cancel bar, has any one else experienced this problem if so is there a way round it so as i can mirror all my apps from my iphone onto my TV??

Ok so I'm trying to view videos in a vehicle using the ipad, but also viewing on the ipad as well. How can I do this, I've tried sports but cannot find a reliable link, they send me to some coupon page. Lightning Digital Av Adapter - http: I think Airplay is the best method to connect your iDevice to a TV. Compared to the Lightning adapter the Apple TV delivers more value for money.