Sony xperia ion 3d panorama

Can I somehow apply these or only 3D panorama apk to my phone? I thinking about root, remove current panorama app, then install 3D sweep from ICS. Or it is not this simple? I thank any advice. Attached Files CameraExtensionPermission. Join Date: Jan OP Junior Member. May Finally got on my device, rooted. Jb soft removed, ics installed, except 3D this one was unsuccesful. I have a working rooted device with latest software, without that app why i rooted. Special thanks to DoomLord for advice in rooting, and made this possible.

Sony Xperia ion (AT&T) Review

Subscribe to Thread. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Android Apps and Games. Miscellaneous Android Development. Galaxy Nexus processor is worse, please, spare the lies, TI-OMAP is better than S3, of course Exynos is the best among the dual cores from last year, S4 is the current best dual core this year. Have to say very disappointed in this phone. Great camera and display and no doubt got performance but its the loudspeaker.

Sony Xperia ion

The experia S had a great call quality and very loud so what happened with the ion? Better off buying an S in my opinion. Stop your whinging people, if you don't like it don't buy it! I guess this fell between the cracks of SE morphing into Sony but they have decided to release it anyway as it is still a very good phone and does everything you would want from a smartphone! Sony is late, as always. For a flagship is too weak, in camera department it has no chances against or even N S III makes similar photos! What sony is trying to do?

Good phone overall. But in direct comparison with competitors falls behind. Or maybe sony has taken a path similar to what Nokia did. Little steps, trying to grab as much of this segment as it can and after some time attack the biggest fish.

Sony Xperia ion Review - Camera, Multimedia and Software

Sony could be a stand out if they used a hybrid platform. Pack in high end Android hardware spec's with ICS and put along side it Vita hardware, controls and game slot. Pop a Vita game or memory card and launch Vita mode with a app. Hit a button and it goes back into Android mode while saving your position. Best of both worlds.

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Every year you could upgrade the Android related hardware and software but keep the Vita stuff the same. Sony still makes the same money as the stand alone Vita and the customer has Android and it's ecosystem. Gives Android a solid partner with a gaming platform. I can't wait to buy mine tomorrow!

It will be upgradbale to ICS. Not saying this is a bad device but for just more you can get the one x or sgs3. When it comes to being future resistant you can't find better devices to hold on to for that 2 year period.

SONY XPERIA ION LT28i Unboxing Video - Phone in Stock at

More zeros make it sound more important so we do stuff tightly especially when it comes to those outrages bills at the end of the month. You do realize you are still spending the same amount each month regardless. If you buy a phone because it's free and it craps out on you, guess what? You get the same damn phone again through insurance. Ended up hating it after a short few months and had to buy the RAZR full retail price. Where had he spent the extra dollars he would have been happy and didn't have to buy another for full retail.


Remember 2 years is a long time to stick with one phone, spend a little more and be happy with your purchase. The point is is that people will always shell out money to the cheaper device that seems like a bargain because it has great initial appeal. My point is that the vast majority of consumers don't dig deep. If they see a bargain they hunt it down Bought one, biggest mistake since starting Android use with an X It will have Jellybean by the time they release ICS for this phone.

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