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Y is a numeric value that sets the text away from the top. This is what Y does. To make it look like the SAMP's chatbox, set any value above I use Font size represents the size of the font. To equal font sizes from different IG resolutions, use only 8, 9, 10 and Stroke size is self explanatory. Anything above 1 isn't right, though.

Font bold is, as well, self explanatory. Let it be enabled.

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Character name is the name that your character has amongst the lines of text that you will insert when editing the said screenshot. While it looks useless, it isn't. It relates to any client side text that should have a color than another. Example with phone calls — this is how it looks if you didn't type in your character's name and this is how it looks like if you did type it. So, you should do it.

Font type is the font type. Put your own! Paste your chatlog in Chatlog. Set parsing keywords in Keyword List. These should be the names of the people you role played with. Hit Parse and keep the parsed chat window. Open Set Chat , back in the editing screenshot window. Insert the parsed chat and save it. Export the outcome and you're ready to post it!

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Do as explained in "Tips" at each point to duplicate the SAMP text and have a similar picture to default. Once you put your text in, it should look like this. Sefer said:. NickM Donator. Zayats Donator. Randallinho Silver Member Dec 10, Khaleesi said:.


Randallinho said:. Donut Donator. Joined Apr 7, Messages Likes Codac Administrator. Joined Mar 29, Messages 4, Likes 1, Oldi Platinum Member Dec 10, Joined Nov 20, Messages 3, Likes Codac said:. Oldi said:. Dec 11, Los Santos RP is a closed crew session world. We only play with roleplayers. You can become whatever you want. But make sure you have read all the rules before you start roleplaying! You are not allowed to be an law enforcement! Only N.

E is allowed! But make sure you follow the rules first.

Maybe you've noticed rule 2: Roleplaying is playing as a character, you need to understand you don't randomly kill bandits, or start killing people which dont like you. FailRP will be punished hard. You have to make sure you understand what roleplay is. If you still do not understand, please watch some video's about it. Add the amount of "RP Money" you've got in your signature. You have to add or remove money when you buy stuff from players or sell stuff to other players.

This has to be RP'ed! Again, we want people that already understand what RP is! They may already understand what this Crew is all about!

Selling & Buying LS-RP Money & Guns - Secure LS-RP Money Network - Virtual Items - MultiMart

Read more: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I want to be girrr. Posted June 19, edited. Wrong section.

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This should go in lobbies and meetups.