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Your main objective in the game should be to keep your residents happy. If the Sims staying in your city are not satisfied with the services that you provide, then they will leave your city and migrate to another one. The easiest way to keep Sims happy is by building various recreational as well as commercial structures.

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At the recreational structures, Sims will be able to spend their leisure time and enjoy. On the other hand, the commercial structures will let them acquire work so that they can earn and live a content life. You should even build plenty of beautiful roads so that traveling becomes easier and the traffic gets divided. Moreover, you should ensure that the vital structures like hospitals, schools, etc. Similarly, factories should be placed far away from residential structures so that the Sims get clean air to breathe and they stay healthy.

If you take care of all these aspects, then your Sims will never leave your city; thus, making you progress quickly in the game. You can check whether the Sims are happy or not by clicking on the happiness icon provided in the game. To move a structure, you need to tap and hold and then move it.

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Moving the factories far away from residential areas can help in enhancing the happiness meter. Always keep an eye on the map of the game. If there is a red colored exclamatory mark on any part of the map then it shows that there is a problem that needs your immediate attention. If you notice that some structures are not required then you can demolish them so that you get some additional space in the city. Do not spend the gaming currency carelessly as you will need plenty of them in the near future.

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Spend them only on buying and upgrading useful and important stuffs. Saving some money for future is always a good idea! Basic amenities like electricity, water, police facilities, health, sewage system, etc. These amenities will encourage other Sims to migrate to your city. Once you have completed building several structures, you need to ensure that you connect each of them properly with roads. This aspect needs to be managed really well because if you do not connect even a single structure with road, then it will be a complete waste of money.

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Everything should be well-connected so that the Sims are able to travel easily. Overall, you should ensure that your Sims are happy to stay in your city!

Yes, there are cheats for SimCity on the iPhone

This will not only enhance your game but will also provide you with plenty of in-game currencies in form of taxes and rent. To conclude, if you have always dreamt of becoming a Mayor of a city then this is the right time to start playing the SimCity BuildIt game.

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You will enjoy the numerous responsibilities that will be assigned to you and you also need to work hard for making it develop into a flourishing city. Hello guys, in case you are wondering where is the cheats link, then I can answer it. Build any factories a safe distance from residential areas, as well, because citizens don't like all of that smoke. The same holds true for any waste facilities. The more people you have living in your city, the more tax revenue you'll have at your disposal in turn.

2. Pay Close Attention to Your Buildings’ Area of Effect

Make sure to build plenty of residential buildings to go with any beautification efforts, and upgrade those buildings whenever possible so you get the most out of them and can plan for the most residents. March 7, at Was this guide helpful? It works very smoothly and does not slower your game. You will not experience any crashes, freezes, or bugs.

Thanks to a functional proxy, you do not have to download it or worry about detection. The SimCity Buildlt cheats work online, without the necessity of installing it on your mobile device. This way you will have more of the free space on your smartphone. Plus, your account will be completely safe, no matter how many hours you will be spending on playing the game.

The amazing benefits of the hack SimCity BuildIt. The SimCity BuildIt hack does not require special skills in order to use it. It is well suitable for the beginners as well as for online game veterans. You will be amazed how easy is to make it work on both iOS and Android devices, how little impact it has on your smartphone, and how much your game will be transformed. Now you will have enough currency to build your desirable objects like factories, churches, houses, utilities, decorations etc.

Your Sims will be happy all the time, and your city is going to flourish like never before. And you can achieve all of that almost without any effort. SimCity is one of the most popular games in the world, and now it is available for mobile devices, as well. Every person with a smartphone can now create their own city, having at their disposal a vast piece of land and countless numbers of different objects. A good Welcome to the colorful world of lovable Sims, where you can raise and expand a full of Sims city. The only thing that restricts your SimCity BuildIt gameplay is just your own imagination.

Now you have the opportunity to become a well-respected Mayor of your