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And the only way to "solve" this exploit and prevent all your private info from being sold on the black market while you're asleep is of course to download and run CM's highly praised and sadly actually very good and high scoring actual anti virus app. Again it's a shame because the launcher and browser etc they make are nice small fast apps, but it's almost like voluntary installation of permanent ads etc. Even the news alerts they provide are great aside from more than half of them sounding like a good vs evil situation happening on your device that can be solved with the instillation of one of the heroic apps from CM.

And never overlook what permissions an app requests, comparing similar apps from known companies vs CM makes you very curious why company xyz only needs a few permissions yet somehow CM needs access to damn near your whole phone to do the same thing. I was excited by the seeming potential of CleanMaster when I first came across it. For the first week or so, it was very satisfying to "recapture" all that space and speed. I started getting a lot of "rate this app " requests, so I gave it a good review, which I came to regret. Finally, I just thought, "Hey, what's going on here? Is CleanMaster causing these problems in order to look like it's solving them so dramatically?

I uninstalled CleanMaster and my battery life immediately went back to normal and the other things resolved themselves as well. I don't have the technical knowledge to explain what might have been going on; I just know what I empirically experienced. Oh, I have a Galaxy S4. Give it a try and tell us how it goes for you! I was running both clean master and du speed booster for a while. My battery life kept decreasing. I uninstalled du and it didn't help. I then removed clean master and reinstalled du.

Now my battery lasts all day again and there is no lag time. The best feature is blocking items from automatically starting, or at least that seems to have helped my phone the most. A lot of folks are recommending DU Speed Booster. Sounds like it's a good one! Thanks for sharing your experience. It's always great to have corroborative anecdotes. Advice please.. I canot work out how to do it..

ES File explorer is free, has zero ads, a start up manager for root users, and a crap load of features. Most of which the average user will never use. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll give it a try. If that's the same as a RAM booster, he said the above comments that using those can actually harm your phone. If it's not the same, sorry just trying to help. Thanks Vida. From your phone Go to Settings.

Under Accounts, choose Google. That should do it. Hope it helps. Nice article: What got me attracted was mentioning of placebo in the title. I use Assistant for Android by Aaron to clean my cache as my Xcover2 has quite small internal storage Samsung divided it in a very stupid way imho. AfA does that quite painlessly, however he fails to clear cache of certain apps like Dropbox for example, which can be huge. So back to the placebo - did you check that those apps above really clean all cache?

Hi jena. I don't have enough space on my phone to install every single app in the Play Store, haha.

[APP][3.0+] Root Cleaner | System Eraser

Still, I found that these apps did what they claimed, so I have no reason to believe that they rely on the placebo effect. If you do find that a particular app's cache isn't being cleared, you should notify the developer. It may just be a bug.

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The "bad" kind of RAM boosters and task killers are those that constantly kill apps in the background. Clean Master will analyze your system for abnormalities like excessive CPU usage but the actual app killing is manual. Until we can properly control permissions, I'm leery of installing anything. I think paid for apps are more trustworthy than anything which is provided "free". That's a reasonable stance, if you ask me. You'll miss out on some cool stuff but if it gives you peace of mind and you're willing to live without, go for it! The beauty of apps is that you can choose which ones to use or ignore.

Sorry I didn't make it clear. The Device Cooler is not an automated task killer. I liked cleanmaster for what it did but, it's always popping up and telling me to download more apps that then pop up and tell me to download more apps that then I'm not talking about ads.

I can deal with ads. If I'm using a "free" product then I gladly accept ads. However, when I'm using an app because I'm concerned about performance and wasted space the last thing I want to see in that app is a constant in-your-face presentation. Yet, taskkiller apps still have a market because users are unhappy with performance. The argument usually boils down to "you need new hardware" which sounds more like a Windows problem.

I agree with this. Also, some websites I've visited have popups trying to tell me to install cleanmaster. I know the way Android handles apps makes it fairly secure, but it still makes me wonder about the motive of the software I can sympathize with your dislike of Clean Master's constant nagging and promotion. And yeah, optimal performance does not necessarily mean good performance. If you have an old device with last-gen hardware, Android may not be as smooth as intended -- but using an automated task killer won't help either.

15 Best Cleaning Apps for Android-

In most cases, it's little more than the placebo effect. I have to say - I'm not comfortable with it. It constantly tells me that apps are draining my battery life - and I should close them. It's constant naggings and warnings are making the use of my Samsung tablet a somewhat unpleasant experience. I have a couple of the latest iPads which I also use I have to say I wrote feedback to Cheetah Clean Master , thanking them for the constant warnings and telling them that I was going to follow their implied criticisms by avoiding purchasing either Samsung or Android tablets in the future.

And I have to say I really have lost confidence in Android's ability as an OS to manage itself.

Duplicate Contacts & Utilities (Free / $1.99)

Sorry about the typo above: You haven't mentioned here the best app in my opinion: Just try it - it does what every other contender does - and better. SDMaid is good and I agree that it's worth a try. It even has a few features not covered by the apps in the list! Yup, it tells me 19 million people gave it an average rating of 4. Unfortunately, that tells me absolutely nothing about how well it works. All rating systems are flawed in that much detail is lost when boiling down one's view into a single number.

However, as more ratings are collected, you can get a more accurate sense of the general feel that users have regarding that app. If 19 million votes average out to be 4. If you want specifics, you should read reviews, not ratings. Since task killers is a bad idea, I wonder whether the "Greenify" app that I installed is any good for my device. I have noticed no battery improvement since configuring the app and think it maybe harming the device more than actually claiming any battery. Or does Greenify app works best if the device is rooted?

Greenfiy works well IF you have apps running in the background that are draining your battery. If not, it doesn't do much to help. A lot of the apps listed above are about freeing RAM. Doesn't that go against the entire architecture of Android? With Android you want your RAM filled with the apps you use most, that way the system runs more efficiently.

Like Brady said, Greenify can be hit-or-miss depending on what's using up all of your battery life. If you don't see any extended battery duration when using Greenify, you should just uninstall it. How about some simple working ones like SDMaid? All of the apps you chose are so bloated we could call them malware ;-. I wouldn't call the apps in the list "bloatware". Other than Clean Master, the apps each have a pretty narrow focus on what they seek to accomplish. In fact, while SDMaid is a nice tool for sure, it takes the all-in-one approach and comes with a lot of features that users may or may not use.

Some would consider that "bloaty". Top Deals. Joel Lee January 7, 5 minutes. The main tab reflects this idea by providing easy access to the cache and storage cleaner. Files Go also when provided Usage Access can monitor your app usage and recommend uninstalling unused apps. Files Go will also alert you when your storage is low so you can make an adjustment.

The biggest selling point of Files Go is the ability to transfer files securely without the need of the internet. Files Go does come with a basic file manager, but simplicity comes at the cost of functionality, as popular features from other file managers are simply not here. There is no access to cloud services and other network file transfer protocols FTP, SFTP , and the file manager only allows access to a limited set of files which are organized in folders only found in the app the exception being the Download folder which directly links to the locally stored folder of the same name.

Despite these limitations, if you want to use Files Go as way to monitor and save storage space on your device, it's a terrific app. If you're looking for a full-fledged file manager, we suggest looking elsewhere. CCleaner is a well-known application for desktops that provides thorough cleaning of local storage. CCleaner for Android will clear cache and clean up storage with little additional features. However, this limitation is great for those who just want a storage cleaner and not a bunch of other apps. It does provide basic info about your smartphone and an app manager to quickly uninstall applications.

They provide limited additional functionality, but that increases their usability by keeping things simple. It is another way to speed up your device. Most of the Android device users usually suffer from the same problem of low internal memory. Low internal memory will not only resist the further installation of apps and games, but also degrade the performance of your device. To increase the performance Link2SD would be a perfect app. You can make SD card as installation directory and freeze as well as remove system application to save internal memory and free your RAM to sustain the performance via this app.

You can set the speed of CPU by setting different clock frequencies. You can also quickly set the governor. Smart Booster is an application that helps you deal with the phone's sluggish issue. It works by clearing out unwanted usage occupied by background apps and can provide more RAM space to optimize the performance of your device.

It is able to scan and clean junk created by million apps efficiently. Through this app you can easily get rid of lagging, low responsive apps. This app makes it easy to change the ROMS and experience the new version of android through the simple interface provided. As there is no useless garbage and the kernel is optimized by the developer the custom ROMs are often faster and more efficient.

You can improve the performance and efficiency by flashing a custom ROM to your phone.

The apps above are from different aspect to boost your device you can choose the one you want and have a try on your device.