Turn ringtone on iphone 5c

Change the ringtone volume and notification volume on your Apple iPhone 5

Please share your experience with this problem in the comments section below. Thanks for the info. That small switch above the Volume buttons was in the wrong position due to the new cell phone case I just purchased. When snapped together the case moved the switch. Thanks, that worked straight away. All these steps failed for my phone but a total factory reset Erase All Content and Settings did the trick! Your email address will not be published.

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Press OK. Right click on the same song. Change the file format to AAC.

iPhone: No Ringer Sound On Incoming Calls

After you select Convert AAC Version a new file will be created, but it will only be the segment of the song you specified earlier. Now you have to find the file you just created. The file extension should be. Right click the file and select Rename. Rename the extension. Delete the shortened version of the song in your iTunes library.

Double click the. Go to Settings and Sounds on your iPhone 5 to assign the new ringtone to your phone.

Change the ringtone volume and notification volume on your Apple iPhone 5

Was this article helpful? Yes No. Thank you. Your response was sent. I selected "Everyone" and now my phone rings no matter who calls. The software update must have changed this setting because I've never visited this screen before this issue. As of this posting, I have an iPhone 5c with the latest software. Jan 20, After a number of missed calls making me wonder if I was becoming deaf, I cought my phone starting to vibrate without a sound. I found this thread and sure enough, the little side switch was turned off.

The infuriating thing is that if the toggle switch is on orange off , you can still change the ringer volume with the buttons on the left. Jul 22, I am glad I responded to his post because I had to fix it again just now. In light of my experience, here are fuller details of how to fix the muted sound in the accessibility settings. Quite how this gets activated I don't know, but - to restore sound you have to get the accessibility menu to display a bell with a line through it.

To get there do what Digger07 says. That will display a grey circle. From any screen, tapping that circle will darken it and tapping again will bring up a large black menu.

From that select Device and then tap the bell icon to put a line through it. Now, very carefully - navigate back and turn off accessibility once more. The iPhone should now ring once more. Irritatingly with me, I have to leave Assistive touch circle icon enabled - or the ring tone mutes again.

Apple® iPhone® - Manage Audio Alerts

Has anyone got a solution for that? Jan 26, 4: Hi everyone. I had similar situation with my iphone 5 but I was able to solve it. It stopped ringing or vibrating. It just would not do anything at all - screen would not flash, would not vibrate, it would just be quite. No notification at all on incoming calls. I tried it by calling my own number from other phones, it would just not work. I was frastrating like crazy. Shut down my iphone power off by holding down the power button and slide the red power off slider on the screen;. While holding down the home button on my iPhone connect the lightning cable to the iPhone and do not release the home button until the iPhone screen shows "Connect to iTunes" screen;.

Click the Restore iPhone button on the iTunes. This will take approximately minutes depending on your internet speed.

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Once the restore is finished the iphone will restart once or twice. It should restore your iPhone to the previous backup or whatever it had before. Or if not, you can resotre the back up you created before the iPhone software restore process. Feb 7, 6: Jun 5, 7: I thought I was loosing my mind. For the last month I have been missing every call and I was certain I never heard my phone ring.

iPhone 5S Quick Tips - Change the Default Ringtone

I finally tested it from my office line and SILENT even though the settings showed my ringtone was on and volume at highest setting. That is when I searched and found this thread. I had bought an OtterBox cover for my 5s which I love but totally covers the entire phone body and sure enough after prying it off I discovered the small switch has moved to orange so while the settings said all was well, the switch I could no longer see under the case was set to silent.

I so wish something in setting would alert you to the fact that you have that switch activated when you look at sounds or volume or ringer. Page content loaded. Sep 24, 8: I had the same problem. Turns out "Do not disturb" was turned on small moon icon at top right of screen by battery meter. Sep 25, 8: Thanks to icediver for fixing problem as I did not even know about the do not disturb function. Another case where Apple pulls a Microsoft.

Why would you default to do not disturb when you load a new operating system? Had same problem with Ipad2 when I got it when I thought one of the speakers was out did not play stereo and it turned out it was set up for hearing impaired in a part of the OS that is not even in Sounds. Oct 1,