Iphone 4s youtube slow on wifi

Fix slow video loading on YouTube app on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch even on wifi connection

Use the left and right arrow keys to see next or previous image. Use the escape key to close the dialog. Imagine this. So, you pull out your phone.

YouTube Won't Play on iPhone: YouTube App Not Working on iPhone (iPhone X included) Solutions

You search YouTube for the top songs for It spins so sarcastically you can almost hear it laughing. Your rage builds as you continue to wait. You have arrived at your stop. In Opera Mini, you can enable video boost, which compresses video data and reduces buffering. Close other webpages, especially sites that constantly refresh, such as news sites or Facebook.

Tap the gear on the video and choose one of the lower numbers. More tips for avoiding buffering on WiFi can be found here. Given that, and given that my husband's 4th gen iPad plays videos just fine, so I am confident it's not my WiFi. I freed up some space on my iPad and now have 2.

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I also killed just about all background apps and restarted my iPad. May 21, 5: I just started having this problem about 3 days ago on my iPad mini. I don't have the YouTube app installed.

I have high speed cable and am downloading at Any fixes for this jerky video problem?? My iPhone 5s and my iMac play the same videos perfectly. May 29, 5: So I had the same problem then I deleted YouTube and restarted it then they played fine.

If you don't have the YouTube app do you have something similar? May 30, 6: This has been happening for the last week for me as well. At first, I thought it was bandwidth, but it's just getting worse and I've ruled the bandwidth problem out.

iPhone Won't Play Videos: YouTube Not Working on iPhone Problems and Solutions

I have an iPad 3rd Gen and I'm trying to watch video streaming from the iTunes store Warehouse 13, if you care. When it begins to bork and stutter the video, audio keeps rolling along fine. I can usually pause or exit, kill Video, reopen Video and get it to work again for minutes. And then after a couple days of this, downloaded video began to do the same things. Then last night, saved video crashed the entire OS twice - and this is after I ran the sucessfully ran the OS update that had been waiting for a copule of weeks.

Jun 2, Me too facing the same problem from last 2 days. The videos are lagging. The audio is fine. If anyone has found out any solution, please help me out. Jun 2, 1: It's strange, but about 3 days after I posted about my WiFi speed being just fine, and that I'd freed up some space on my iPad, killed just about all background apps, and restarted my iPad, videos started behaving normally again.

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Jun 4, 4: I was having this problem too for about 3 days. What you need to do is kill all your apps from multitasking, and restart hold down power and home button until screen goes off and you should be all good. Jun 4, 5: Restarting the app, clearing space, and restarting the device in dfiferent combinations all would relieve the problem for a few mintues, but then it'd come back just as bad.

I reset to factory new this weekend, and haven't added back hardly any apps or other data. I don't like this solution, but it's relieved the problem.

Part 1. YouTube Not Working on iPhone Solutions

I was shooting for a firmware wipe and replacement, but decided for the earier data wipe when the FW download was going to take 3 hours. I may still do it later. Every video is lagging and choppy? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

How do I fix iPhone Wi-Fi connection problems?

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