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In the resulting spreadsheet, the first sheet original is unchanged whereas the second sheet modified contains modified values. This demo is generated by specifying the -rw command-line option followed by jxlrwtest. Consider the following command line:. This command line copies jxlrwtest. Figure 2 shows the second modified sheet in LibreOffice Calc.

Create, Modify, and Save Excel Spreadsheets in Java Apps

The jexcelapi home directory includes a tutorial. The tutorial shows you how to read, write, and copy spreadsheets. The tutorial also discusses formatting. Point your Web browser to this directory's index. Note that this list isn't exhaustive. Additional packages such as jxl. To learn about additional packages, execute jar tvf jxl.

Reading and writing Excel spreadsheets

Check out Listing 1. Listing 1 first creates a writable workbook by invoking one of Workbook 's factory methods. A writable sheet is then created for this workbook, and then a label and a number are added as the sheet's two cell values.

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The workbook is then written and closed. Listing 1 continues by getting a workbook associated with output. The getSheet method provides access to the first sheet within this workbook.

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Its getCell method is called to access the two cells, whose contents are then output. Assuming that jxl. Next time, I present a set of puzzlers that address the evolution of Java libraries. These puzzlers focus on source and binary code compatibility between client programs and the libraries that these programs use. Book excerpt: Converting XML to spreadsheet, and vice versa. Java Java concurrency without the pain, Part 1. Java concurrency without the pain, Part 2.

Downloading the JExcelAPI library

Recommending a spreadsheet library Q: Here are a few of its many features: Reads data from Excel 95, 97, , XP, and workbooks Reads and writes formulas Excel 97 and later only Generates spreadsheets in Excel format Supports font, number, and date formatting Supports cell shading, cell bordering, and cell coloring Modifies existing worksheets Supports chart copying Supports the insertion and copying of images into spreadsheets JExcelAPI was developed by Andrew Kahn and was released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Click the jexcelapi link.

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On the resulting page, click one of the folder links. For example, I clicked the 2. On the resulting page, click the distribution archive filename. After a short delay, your browser should prompt you to save this file. Go ahead and save the file. Consider the following examples: This spreadsheet is generated by specifying the -write command-line option, as demonstrated below: Figure 1.

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I used LibreOffice Calc to access the sample. Consider the following command line: MiniExcel is small and yet powerful. With support of currency and percentage, you can easily calculate government and service taxes, maintain your shopping list and prices, input your daily or monthly expenses.

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The process is simple once you have setup your formula. You can work with the aid of Quick Number Edit to input date and number including currency, decimal number and percentage quickly.

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MiniExcel integrates with Excel and Quicken. Best Spreadsheet for Nokia E I tried to download most of the available spreadsheet apps for the Nokia E Many of them would simply not install. The only spreadsheet app that has worked to my satisfaction is MiniExel. Congratulations for an excellent product! Wish you could get your maths homework done on the school View full description. CONS Lacks advanced data processing features. Softonic review This program can no longer be downloaded. Scientific Calculator A complete scientific calculator for your mobile phone.

Gmail Mobile Access Gmail from your mobile phone. Download MiniExcel 1. Download for Java. User reviews about MiniExcel. More reviewed on March 26, Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.